Himawari Restaurant (ひ ま わ り レ ス ト ラ ン): Japanese Restaurant in Manaus, Amazon (English)

This post will talk about the long-dated relationship between Amazon and Japan: we will introduce you the japanese restaurant “Himawari Restaurant”.

Located in the center of Manaus, near the Opera House, this restaurant is a real deal for those who are in the Amazon and want to enjoy a good japanese food.

The menu is diverse, serving dishes ranging from Udon and Lamen, to sushi and sashimi.

In the Amazonian baking weather, a good recommendation is the cold dishes such as hiyashi chūka and Ten Zaru. Both are, basically, meals made with cold noodles which is refreshing in the scorching heat.

And a Amazonian style dish that you can taste in there is the desserts as the cupuaçu cream (amazonian fruit). A delight! 😋😋

Restaurante Himawari
Address: Rua 10 de Julho, 618 – Centro, Manaus – AM
Telephone: +92 3233-2208