Osamu Tezuka Museum: the creator of Astro Boy and Safiri (English)

In little known city of Takarazuka, Osaka region, it is located the museum about the life and work of Osamu Tezuka.

Who was Osamu Tezuka: the father of modern manga. Expressive faces, big eyes, cinematic pictures are some of the features introduced and / or developed by Tezuka.

Considered the manga God, fair enough to build a museum dedicated to him.

Sidewalk on the way to the museum
Safiri of Princess Knight

Located in the city where Osamu grew up and close to another local symbol, the Takarazuka Theater, the museum calls attention to the different architecture and buildings that resembles some of his works.

In the inner part there are rooms that are representations of some of his comics.

For example, capsules which recalls Astro Boy.

In the basement there is a section to take part at drawing classes with museum staff.

Lastly, at upstairs you can watch all the animated versions of his works. Just choose the title and watch it. From cartoons well known in the West as Princess Knight, to animations not so famous like the Sinbad’s adaptation.

Character of Princess Knight manga

And, like everywhere in Japan, there’s a store to buy goods and souvenirs. Several articles of Tezuka-themed such as Astro Boy keychains, Kimba-themed bookmarks, badges with Safiri’s face, and tons of Manga.

Miscellaneous items

A curious detail about Tezuka’s career is your relationship with Mauricio de Sousa, brazilian comic book writer and creator of Monica’s Gang. Mauricio is a great admirer of the japanese artist and was one of his inspirations. The two had a close relationship, resulting in some meetings.

Tezuka and Mauricio de Sousa

As a recognition for it, Mauricio is so far the only artist outside of Japan who have granted permission to use the characters from Tezuka. What a achievement!

Tezuka characters with Monica

DFor those who go to Osaka area, it is easy to reach Takarazuka by train. It does not take an hour. If you have time take a stop by Takarazuka Theater. It is a recommended spot.

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