Retro arcade in Tokyo (Mikado – ミ カ ド) (English)

Japan is a place where arcades still resist strongly. It is exceedingly popular and is not difficult to walk in a big city and come across a three-story building solely dedicated to arcade.

In this vast world of arcades, there is also targeting, which includes a local expert in ancient arcades.

The place name is Mikado (ミ カ ド) and brings together dozens of machines that anywhere in the world would be abandoned or in the trash.

OutRun: very old

There are machines like Street Fighter 2 and OutRun, all very old game, what brings joy for the retro gaming fans (and gamers who are beginning to have their gray hairs …).

It’s a dream to play version of several games which was only possible to know the versions for consoles. The home versions have always had a lot of lag from the original: worse graphics, poor performance, reduced speed, among other limitations.

For those who played Street Fighter EX for Playstation 1 and then play the arcade version, you notice a stark difference. A game that was more or less becomes a hell of a game. That’s awesome.

If you are in Tokyo and are an old game fan, go there for sure!

The address is this one:  Mikado Arcade Retro

It is close to Takadanobaba station.

The program below shows more details of the location. I suggest following the channel Only in Japan, it has many interesting information about Japan:

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