Tokyo Nightclub: The Japanese capital in the center of São Paulo (English)

In Sao Paulo there is a new attraction for those who enjoy the night: the Tokyo Nightclub (東京).

As the name refers to the Japanese capital, the entire decoration tries to leave the room with the face of a modern and cool Tokyo.
There are movie posters in their Japanese versions, advertisment frames and many pop culture images from there.

Heineken advertising in Japanese

With the concept of trying to make a party-themed musical every day, the songs style can vary a lot. They range from 80s music, samba parties and Latin rhythms.

Calendar of events scheduled for coming days

Installed in a historical heritage building, the ballad has several environments, one for each floor.
On the 6th floor has the open mic karaoke. With the stage and letters on the screen, it is a good choice for those who want to sing loud and clear and have fun with the audience.
The problem is that when the house is crowded, the queue to sing your favorite song can take a long time. Sometimes more than one hour.

On the 7th floor there are the karaoke rooms (karaoke box). If the intention is singing in a more reserved way, only among friends and guests, these rooms guarantee more comfort and privacy. Besides, the queue to sing is smaller than the 6th floor’s.

Akihabara room (one of the karaoke rooms box)

On the 8th floor there is the restaurant. By the time when you’ve feeling a little hungry, there’s this pleasant and calmer amid party agitation.
The menu has several options, including some Japanese dishes.
It’s reccomended to line a few minutes before to save time in the queue.

Finally, on the 9th and last floor, there is the dance floor next to the terrace which gives a nice view of the street.

Board installed on the outside wall of the building

This is the summary of the new address in Sao Paulo for avid clubbers.

Hint: if you can organize in advance, try to leave the name on the list to get the VIP entrance. As the house respects the capacity’s limit, there are times when only entrance is allowed as people leave the place. This could result in a long wait in line. Sometimes for more than an hour.

If you liked and are interested, visit the website for more information and check the schedule! Follow the link below:

Tokyo Nightclub
Address : Rua Major Sertório, 110 // São Paulo, Brazil
Tel : 11 3159-0190

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